If you know mike and I, you know we live by the basic concept that not everything is trash. In fact, it’s safe to say we’d find it in the trash and reuse it if we thought we could. Thankfully, this mindset has saved us countless dollars. For this evenings project, it was about glitter and color. That’s why when we thought about throwing away our old cheap sets of multi-color ornaments, along with our worn garland, we took a minute to reflect on how we could re-purpose them.


Instead of just using them for another tree, we figured out how to string them together it all together into a long bundle so that they can be used as outdoor decor. We are lucky enough to have a thrifty mom, who happened to get (3) sets of 20 feet outdoor-indoor multi-colored light sets at a fantastic bargain. But we did not know what to do with them, until we thought about combining the lights, the garland and the ornaments into one very large and heavy outdoor stairwell decorative piece. It’s a great way to tie your outdoor and indoor decorations together into one cohesive theme, and the same tactic works for decorating almost anything!

All you really need is one spool of 30-pound strength fishing line or some ribbon. You want to be sure that you have ribbon that’s sturdy enough to handle the weight of your ornaments. Luckily, our ornaments weren’t so heavy so the fishing line proved to work great. In fact, we didn’t even need to secure the metal caps on the ornaments — they held perfectly. If yours don’t do the same, we recommend hot gluing or super gluing the metal cap to the ornament before you start tying.

Once you have your section of garland, your ornaments and your choice of lights, you first need to wrap each of the strand of lights around the garland, occasionally tying it in for security, we used three separate strands of light of a different color.


Keep in mind of where your plugging them in, and where your outlet is. Is it at the end of the garland or the middle, are you using an extension cord? If using an extension cord is it rated for outside use. Are you using a timer? Or as we did, a standard remote to turn the lights off and on.

Once you have your lights attached, just start adding ornaments! We stretched out the garland across the floor, and slowly tied each ornament into place while watching a movie. Make sure to continuously bundle them tightly together to give the garland some volume as you go. We found that a set of 20 ornaments gave us about 3-feet of garland.

You can lay these directly on the banister, or tie them up every 2 feet with the fishing line, along with at the beginning and end so that they swoop down a bit but are not moved by the wind. Totally up to you. We wrapped the fishing line around each section 7-10 times and then triple knotted it.

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