For any business to survive it will need to evolve, you need to make changes. Without a change then your business is nothing more than dumb luck.

Once you realize that your company needs to change, the first step is to take a very dark and deep look at the current process and take a look at how things are done. This means analyzing every step and human interaction for potential improvements, no matter how in-depth you have to go and how much you need to unearth. This might mean you have to talk with lower management and deal with “The Bully Office Manger” or even your own faults as the top most leader or owner.

Once you’ve prepared everyone, it’s time to deploy your changes and guide the team and work with them as they adapt. Communication, support, and education are vital – address problems as soon as they arise. Provide any extra education or training that any team member will require. If you’re switching a piece of technology then they need to know how to use it, so you can Teach by Example! And if you’re adapting a new marketing policy, the staff needs to be told what to read and when to learn it by.

Once your changes have been deployed, measure and tweak them according to the feedback you receive. Do not allow any one or groups of employees go back into old habits, this is vital to any change– everything you’ve done is pointless if old habits resurface. Regular reviews need to be carried out to check that the new methods are being followed. Rewards should also be given to those who consistently keep to the new method, and those who make a large effort to support and uphold the changes. And Yes – There will be a small fraction of employees who will leave or will need to be let go because they will not conform to the new roles.

However, if you have listened to them and applied the feedback they gave, then this stage will be a little easier, since your employees will be more invested in the changes.

change and management
change and management small business


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