Privacy is a big concern in our yard. While we don’t mind our neighbors having that private space when we are outside is important to us. It is what our garden is all about. We don’t need to construct a ten-foot wall all around properties. We can create privacy with plants. Using plants to create privacy is not only a friendly way to keep out prying eyes of passers-by, it also makes your garden space greener.

Ivy climbing plants can be used in the ground or in movable containers, or can be trained to grow up and over a structure. Use fast growing evergreens for year-round privacy. For winter use a plant that drops it’s leaves in the winter and let’s in light to combat seasonal depression disorder. Everything from ornamental grasses, climbing vines, well placed trees, bamboo and hedges can be a great way to create more privacy for your space, there is a plant for every season that can provide it!

So, whether you want to add privacy to your yard or simply hide from your neighbors several ivy species work well. Consider Persian ivy which requires very little watering, which is evergreen, hardy and can survive zones 7 through 10. Looking for a climbing vine – creeping fig or the winter-blooming flame vines, are hardy in USDA zones 9 through 11. Whichever plant you choose, ensure that the lattice fence is strong enough to support the full-grown plant’s weight and is made of a maintenance-free material you won’t have to fix when the fence is covered with vegetation.

Create your secret retreat, a freestanding privacy screens, a wood slat partitions and partially enclosed pergolas in any fashion you want. Just have fun with it. Think about the view from above also. If you live in the city, an arched trellis will ensure that no neighbors — not even those towering over you — can see what’s going on. Go vertical with flowers, ivy, and any material.

Backyard Privacy Screens
Backyard Privacy Screens and Landscapes

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