A morning coffee habit can generate a lot of coffee grounds. And instead of tossing those grounds into the trash, you can use the coffee grounds in the garden can help create the garden of your dreams. There are many benefits of coffee grounds in the garden.

Coffee grounds are a valuable soil mended, a slow-release fertilizer and compost ingredient which has high phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and copper, that will help your vegetables, flowers and shrubs grow well.

Coffee also suppresses some common fungal rotting problems and wilting, so the addition of coffee grounds with in your garden space and planting areas could help naturally suppress common garden diseases.

Most of our coffee grounds go straight out to the garden compost bin, emptied twice a year and sprinkled around our perennial flowers and our edible garden beds. I use them to mulch around our hops, fruit trees, green house and strawberry fields with good results. When adding a layer of coffee grounds directly to the soil, apply a light quarter-inch layer of grounds on top of your normal mulch will break down quickly as worms and soil microbes go to work.

When worked into the soil, coffee grounds act much like compost, and can improve til and add needed organic matter to depleted soils. Fully incorporate the grounds by turning them in to a depth of several inches to a foot in depth. You can also do multiple lays of organic materials, mixed with grounds.

Coffee grounds contain a reasonable amount of nitrogen —about 2.3 percent, depending on extraction. Sprinkle coffee grounds alongside leafy greens and fruiting crops in mid-season when an extra boost of slow-release nitrogen is called for.

Slugs and snails don’t like crawling over coffee grounds. Protect plants like cabbage or Hosta’s with a generous circle of coffee grounds.

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Coffee Grounds and Gardening
Coffee Grounds and Gardening


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