Temporary and term appointments are used to fill positions when there is not a continuing need for the job to be filled. Neither type of appointment is a permanent one, so they do not give the employee competitive status or reinstatement eligibility. Because temporary and term employees do not have status, they may not apply for permanent appointments through agency internal merit promotion procedures, which are used for filling positions from the ranks of current and former permanent Federal employees. However, qualifying experience gained while employed in a temporary or term position is considered when applying later for a permanent position.

While, both temp and staffing agencies offer temporary workers and even though agencies provide short-term labor ranging from a single day to several months of coverage, helping companies deal with unexpected absences, busy periods, illnesses, maternity leaves and special projects. Agencies, employees and clients all expect temporary assignments to end. Than in itself however leaves those seeking Long Term Employments at a disadvantage because staffing agencies may offer long-term needs, it is not their focus.

There are cons to a staffing agency – One con of employment agencies – fewer opportunities are available. Because employment agencies are making hiring decisions, companies spend less time creating job opportunities and disconnect themselves from the “Human Side” of hiring new employees. The employee’s become nothing but a series of number, to handle a series of tasks, eventually to go away. The human element disappears.

If you’re not a full-time, 9-to-5 employee then it means fewer hours, wages and benefits. Since the official end of the Great Recession, the number of temps has substantially risen by more than 50 percent to 2.7 million. There is a vast number of workers who would like to get more hours but can’t find the work, for some, multiple temp Gigs don’t work, due to other outside factors such as child care, elder care, college or work schedules. This leaves many having less money, less hours and less connection as a valuable asset to a company – a company they can be proud to say “I work for…..”

And then there is the problem of Discrimination by staffing agencies.

Many staffing agencies still willing to discriminate on request!

Employment Discrimination Report

Job Staffing Agency
Staffing Agency


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