Your backyard doesn’t have to take a backseat to the amazing smart technologies that are making their way into our homes and lives. You could always add in the robot to mow your yard, purchase a digital thermometer that will monitor your food to your desired temp and then send an alert to your device, even as you party up to 150 feet away or get green with smart water irrigation systems that control pays attention to the weather and only turns on the sprinklers for the appropriate amount of water when it actually needs it. Hey, you can even purchase and install a remote that controls everything. Imagine you are poolside and want to turn up the tunes. Grab your remote and it’s done. Lights too bright inside the house for your nighttime soiree? Turn them down. Depending on how complex your system is, you might even be able to close the blinds from the neighbor’s prying eyes, all without leaving the party. Now you just need a remote to refill everyone’s drink. But if you’re like me you care more about your garden, than your mixed drink.

See how your flowers grow—or see what critters may be causing them not to with a time-lapse digital camera can be set to snap photos at intervals from 1 minute to every 24 hours. Just stick the camera in your garden and watch your garden grow. Use infrared technology to analyze the health of your plants and garden. Or my Fav’ – a personal weather station, monitoring the indoor environment as well as the outdoor weather. Measures your indoor CO2 concentration levels and the local Air Quality Index report in real time, all while linking to your smartphone, keeping track of what is best for you, your plants, and your garden.

Technology is not scary- Its Fascinating and fun.

gardening and tech
How to use technology in a veggie garden


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