Does your audience prefer text? Images? Video? Audio? Understand your audience & user intent. Knowing this will all be more important than ever in 2019 -20. You need to understand what someone is expecting to find when they query a word or phrase and you need to give them the answer in the simplest way possible. SEO will not just be about how to optimize for Google, you must learn how to drive traffic and engagement for things other than just websites. The world is changing at a rapid pace, companies like Google ensure that we need to optimize our platforms in regards to search experience, whether web-based or app-based, we need to create the most efficient and engaging platform for our own businesses for which the end user’s needs will be satisfied with our site offering the best possible.

While we may not become experts in AI (Artificial Intelligence), it will be important to have some understanding of it, and how it might affect daily operations, sales and staffing. AI requires a fast processing of contents and their relations to each other, therefor if your site is crawling it will never be that good. Moving from a mobile-first to an AI-first world, means understanding that structured data is key to success. In short – data. Understanding data, the (Why, When, Where and Who) is buying, selling, trading and demanding. Understanding data is one of the latest methods which is catching up because of the growing ability to capture useful data accurately. It involves the extraction of data from different kinds of multimedia sources such as audio, text, hypertext, video, images, etc. and the data is converted into a numerical representation in different formats.

Up to the early 1990’s no one was really interested in utilizing data, which was accumulated during the process of daily activities. As a result, a new discipline in computer science, Data Mining gradually evolved. We use data mining in every day applications, whether it is data mining for financial data analysis, loan payment prediction and customer credit analysis, targeted marketing or customer retention and expansion. For smaller business, the idea of data mining may sound difficult or far fetched, however we’ve been collecting data on customers since the dawn of markets. We knew our client’s names, where they lived, their kids’ welfare, how the family in general was doing, but now we understand what time they are shopping online, what colors they like, their likes and dislikes, behaviors, and wish lists. It’s all data!

As a small business we need to do our best to understand not only the data, but also where the trends are heading, by doing so we may be able to head off our competitors and catch the clients first. One way of this is understanding Event-driven technology or simply put incorporating the Internet of Things into your strategy. For instance, smart assistants can use event-driven technology to promote smoother workflow by improving connectivity between individual smart devices. Other devices like smart locks and cameras can improve small business security through the use of key-less doors and access permissions. Machine learning, AI is especially useful in manufacturing, where it can be combined with robotic-process automation to perform repetitive tasks. Integrating digital practices into your office work space can improve productivity and save resources by converting to a paperless office you’ll save on both office supplies and energy. We have the ability now to replicate our businesses online with a virtual model that we can uses to “test” changes without hurting the actual business or we can use it to allow remote employees opportunity to be “physically” present at meetings and collaborate with other members of the workforce.

That’s it for now, just don’t forget one huge thing cyber security is essential for protecting company data!

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Artificial Intelligence, multimedia sources such as audio, text, hypertext, video, images.


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