Evergreens are great for reducing noise, reducing snow, and screening all year long. Deciduous Trees offer a wider variety of landscaping elements including spring flowers or fall colors but do not provide a year-round screen. Next determine how high you want your screen. Put a ladder or have someone stand where you are considering placing the hedge, this will let you visually see how high you want your screen. And following along, after figuring out your main reason for planting and how high you want your hedge, the next step is to determine how much space you have available. If you have a large amount of space available you may consider making a double or triple row. If the space is tight you may consider the following trees or shrubs. Planting in rows close together trees and shrubs will not spread out as wide as if they were a single species in a landscape.

Now that you know why you are planting a hedge, how much space you have, and how tall you want your screen; you can select a plant. The amount of space you have and how dense you want your screen will determine the number of rows you plant. Spacing between rows is based on crown width, but at a minimum try to avoid root crowding by setting at least 12″ to 24″ apart measuring from the center of the plant. Spacing will depend on the type of shrub or tree you are planting and how close you want them at maturity. Once you have picked out your plants you are now ready to map out the location of your plants. Dig a ditch and measure your root balls, the ditch needs to be at least 2 feet wider. Now stand the tree up and roll it into the ditch. Try to keep them in accordance with growing width, so if it says they grow 3 feet wide, separate them how by 4 feet. Fill it in, tap the solid firm, but no excessively and water, water, water. For my first watering I count two minutes and then once a day for a week I water each for a minute, then only once a week for first summer.


privacy-hedges against neighbors
privacy-hedges against neighbors | DIY Your Life | Lance Casey

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