Office gossip can go from mean to nasty to vitriolic with stunning speed, all the while staying subtle and scattergun enough to cause maximum havoc. And before you’ve finished pouring your coffee, you’ve been hit by the office gossiper. The hope to enabled you to help them perpetuate the vicious cycle of rumor mongering that too often contaminates a workplace. The consequences of participating in office gossip are far ranging and always affect at least two or more people. A every moment you need to know if it really worthy content information or is it a toxic person delivering false information.

Know your relationship with the gossiper. If you aren’t so close with the gossiper, distance yourself from the conversations. Although work chat and conversations help the work days go by faster, you are there to do a job. You are not required to engage in negative conversation. I’ve been known to tell people to go home, if all they were doing was dragging out, they’re leave for the day in order to ambush me.

You can’t, on one hand, decide to separate yourself from the conversation but, on the other hand, engage in gossip when the person you aren’t particularly fond of is the subject. Be consistent. Do not feel bad or guilty for your thoughts, feelings, and decisions. You are doing what works best for you and your level of comfort while on the job. Boundaries are important, and it is okay to set them within your personal as well as your business environments. Toxicity can be somewhat contagious.

If you do not have others that share your similar views about work gossip, spend your time listening to something that will encourage and motivate you to a positive mindset. It can be through podcasts, sermons, motivational speeches, audible books, or music; the list of can go on forever. Although there may not be many that share your views within the office, that does not mean you are alone or judgmental for creating boundaries and establishing the type of person you are.

Gossip issues in the workplace by Lance Casey
Gossip issues in the workplace by Lance Casey | Separate from the office gossip


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