Poor and ineffective management come in many forms, and all of them can wear on you professionally. We’ve all been in a position where we feel our superiors aren’t handling things correctly. There’s no question about it; some workplaces are toxic, and downright hostile, and in these cases the only logical option is to pursue a different opportunity. When you deal with these habits daily, it’s only natural to want a change, but many people immediately resort to the final option: quitting and looking for a new job. If job security is not a concern, the next stay-or-go question is a more nuanced one: Do I want to work for this leader is valid?

But a point to ponder may be: Is this about change or just poor management? A management change also offers an opportunity to reevaluate your work. A new leader may be skeptical of every initiative that came before him; it’s his job, after all, to shepherd in new ways of doing things. However poor management in general can come in multiple forms.

Micromanagement and Excessive Oversight

Poor Communication and Decision Making

Stubbornness and Unwillingness to Listen and Adapt

Not Making Productive Use of Employees

Bad Attitude or Lack of Honesty

Nothing makes people’s self-worth at work decline faster than taking away their voice and ability to feel like they’re being heard. Help create a positive environment where people want to come to every day in order to combat such a negative work environment. But in the end, your family life is the most important, no company will every care more about your life than their profit. If you have done everything you possibly can, and know nothing will change, its okay to leave. Truthfully no one can blame you.


Poor management and effectiveness
Poor management and effectiveness | Management Consulting New London CT | Secret Employee and Management Training.

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