Color is a language of its own. It can grab your attention, lure you with information, change your mood, and bring about a variety of emotions. Text color can either create a fuller, richer harmony or turn out crude and upset the fine balance in your page. In addition, it’s important to consider readability; make sure your content can be easily seen and read, you’ll need to create a sharp contrast between the color of the text and your site’s background. For the longer paragraphs: stick with darker text to help your reader focus.

Each element you add to your website should match and compliment all other elements. Use your logo or brand identification, there are no right or wrong colors so long as the colors you choose work in service of your website’s bigger goals. Last always consider the viewer, use what makes sense for you and those who will be visiting your website.

Font Color and Style
Font, Text and Colors in Website Design.

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