I’ll be the first to admit that when those coupon books and flyers come in my mail, I don’t read them and I end up using them as compost. Understandably the argument will be that when shopping locally it is possible to get the best savings at your favorite dry cleaners, restaurants and auto repair shops with these printable coupons. Finding the best deals on home services such as air conditioning and heating repairs or saving a couple dollars on your next haircut, however can’t you just find the same coupon online? Most of the time – Yes. On occasion, no but again our family is not looking for frozen dinners and more garbage to collect in the house.

There are a number of free offers in there – for things like pizzas, coffee, desserts at assorted restaurants, etc. We’ve had a number of free dinners offers with those coupons. There are also “free X when you buy Y” and buy-one-get-one coupons. However, have you ever stopped and just realized that it mainly processed foods, restaurants that you thought went out of business already and just how many oil changes in a month or tire rotations does a guy need? I mean, they always have local restaurants and places of entertainment on there, but it still goes back to the whole “spend something to save something” or “got to keep up with the Jones’s” mentality I’ve been having issues with lately. We just don’t want to waste our money on frivolous items and unneeded dinners out when we have a beautiful kitchen at home and it cheaper – Way Cheaper to eat at home.

Coupon Books and Sales
Local Sales, Coupon Books and Advertisements. Are they worth it?


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