Print is dead! Yes, it still has some qualities to it, but it very much is a filler for when digital media does not work. Print media is the magazine you flip bored at the dentist office, the local sectional at the laundromat, it’s the flyers in the hotel lobby. That is filler space, and with each passing year, those who make a living through print advertising continue to sing its praises. Ignoring the truth, print media is a dying craft.

There are many who will shrug this off, claiming science proves that engagement is higher with print because it is consumed far slower, however will neglect to acknowledge that a person does not pick up the telephone book to find the local restaurant, they ask Alexa or scan google. When sitting in a repair shop, how many are reading the magazine vs. scrolling on their phone. Print media is not dead because it’s not useful, its dead because it doesn’t have the reach. Cars evolved from the Model T to the Colorado Truck, we still collect old cars, but for limited entertainment.

Digital content is scanned quickly, giving the consumer almost immediate directions, locations, hours of operation and sales information all with one click. Paper-based reading is slower and may leading to greater rates of comprehension and recall, but when is the last time you cut out a coupon, placed it in your wallet or purse and then went straight to the store? For most of us, we save the same coupon on our digital wallets, then scan Amazon for a better deal and then purchase online. For advertisers, this means that traditional print media ads are more likely to make a lasting impression but at a much higher cost.

When I operated a small business, I fell into the trap of print media, we spent the money, we followed the sales from those sources and each time we discovered that over 90% of advertising was effective from online platforms and not print. Some would argue the location and market, but then why do other locations and different fields have the same stories?

The reasons why Digital has developed int to the leading advertising giant is simple. Digital Advertising Drives Sales & ROI. Online advertising not only delivers excellent ROI efficiency itself, but it also makes other media spend work harder. And according to Nielsen, 92% of consumers believe recommendations from friends and family (“word of mouth”) over all forms of advertising, and there is little doubt that digital advertising turbo-charges this effective persuasion channel. And let’s not forget how digital media lifts brands and small companies (Mom and Pop stores). Further, the cost-per-conversion estimates indicate digital marketing to be five to six times more efficient than direct mail. For example, the return on Investment (ROI) from Facebook ads were underestimated by as much as 48% and Google search ads by as much as 39%.

Digital marketing has proven its worth for brands and small operations like our towns Mom and Pops Shops every day by creating new desire and demand, increasing awareness, engagement and loyalty, therefor ringing up sales in stores. Despite this, skeptics remain, but in the end Print Media is dead, or at least thrashing around like a fish out of water.

The data shows that digital marketing and digital engagement with customers really does work.

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