We’ve all had to deal with them, the calls at dinner, or when you just got home and all you want is a shower with quietness. Telemarketing is the activity or job of selling goods or services either over the telephone or at a subsequent face-to-face appointment or webinar. A person or company that performs telemarketing services is often referred to as a telemarketer.

Each of them wants to get to know us (as if). They have memorized their scripts, products and thought about what questions a potential consumer might have about the product. They have done their homework, by reviewing our call history, service requests, or complaints. But most of the time they sound like car salesmen, pitching a sale when all we want to do is look around in peace. We’ve all had the friendly ones and the rude ones, using key words and phrases that convey a positive message, such as, “great,” “perfect,” “of course,” and “my pleasure to keep us on the phone too close the sale.

But we just want you to go away. I’ve made it a habit to schedule them when they call, I set up a time and date that they can call back (if I’m interested) and go from there, otherwise I politely inform them that their services are not desired and end the call.

What are your thoughts? Do you engage with them? Do you yell at them (not suggested)? Leave a comment.


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