Economic theory suggests that the impact of exchange rates should vary with the degree of exposure to labor competition and the level of technology. Employment rates are sensitive to the economic cycle, but in the longer term they are significantly affected by governmental policies that facilitate employment of women and disadvantaged groups. Employed people are those aged 15 or over who report that they have worked in gainful employment for at least one hour in the previous week or who had a job but were absent from work during the reference week.

Understanding the logistics of how and why an employment search is taking less or more time will depend on multiple factors. Let’s start with the simple idea that a lot of people are applying to the same job you are. When search for a new opportunity its best to cast your net wide and then carefully narrow your options down until you have found the right line of work, keeping in mind that they are looking for a perfect candidate. When it comes to getting hired, you will go through several stages before you make it to your final hiring decision. Most of the time, you will never even get a response. It something many of us deal with.

The average time it takes to hire is 43 Days! Knowing that only 12% of applicants make it to the next step (an interview) might annoy you, but it’s all a numbers game. So, apply to the jobs you think stretch your abilities; do not exclude yourself. You might be exactly what the company needs!

How has your employment search been? Do you have a nightmare scenario?


New London CT Job Search
New London CT Job Search

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