Developing and using new technology has been part of gardening since ancient peoples first started fashioning stone tools for digging. Nearly all advances in agricultural development, from the first use of antlers as a hoe to the gas-powered rototiller (and its big brother, the tractor and plow) have come from technological development. Technology allows us to intelligently monitor and control usage of water resources, monitor soil, take soil temperature readings and light levels to allow for a more complete picture of growing conditions.

With the onset of Smart Technology, we have an arrange of options from simple backyard lighting to the advanced options like Weather Flow a completely wireless operation, online, app-enabled, flexible data APIs. Which of course can sensor each rain drop allowing you to receive alerts the instant it begins raining, determine relative intensity of rain, and know the exact number of minutes of rain each day. The station also reports brightness, UV index, solar radiance, temp, humidity, pressure, lightning up to 25 miles away, and a slew of other nerdy weather data.

I have not used Weather Flow yet, nor are they a sponsor, but I love the technology and ran across this one a few days ago. Hopefully I will be able to get my hands on it this coming summer. The complete automated garden intrigues me, how about you?

What are your favorite gadgets in the garden? Do you use high-tech or Classic tech?

Smart gadgets for the gardener

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